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Why should I use Spray Stop Tape?

According to Solas and IMO regulations, it is obligated to equip the pipes in the engine room of your boat with an Anti-Splashing tape. This because of the possible spray that can occur when the engine installation malfunctions. To protect you, your personnel, the surrounding equipment and the interior of the engine room. It is
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The importance of Quality Reflective Tape

We encounter it several times a year; Reflective Tape that doesn’t retain it’s quality. We often see faded, cracked tapes or tapes that lose their adhesion within a couple of years. At first, quality products seem to be a little bit more expensive. However, in the end you will save your money. You don’t have
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About the brand is known for it’s quality tapes for almost 15 years. T-ISS manufactures these specialized tapes for use in the marine and offshore market. We have developed hightech tapes for many different applications. Our tapes are made using the best quality materials and are designed to be used in the harsh marine environment. Where applicable,
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