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Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape

Solastape Heat Stop Tape

What is Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape? Heat Stop Tape protects surfaces and lowers temperatures in a highly effective way. Our Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape is a revolutionary new environmentally friendly tape. It is used for the insulation of hot piping systems onboard ships. For example; a 180 °C tube will decrease to a temperature of
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Pipe repair tape – How to repair pipes

Solastape Pipe repair tape

Pipe repair tape In case of unforeseen or spontaneous leakage on board of a vessel, it’s good to be prepared. Pipe repair tape can solve these kinds of problems quickly. T-ISS Pipe Repair is a compact package that contains all necessary items to repair leakages in an instant. T-ISS Pipe Repair Tape is a specially
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SolasFlex Retro Reflective tape

Solas Retro Reflective tape

SOLAS stands for “Safety of Life at Sea” and is used in the marine environment to assist in search and rescue operations. Reflective tapes in the maritime and offshore industry help increase safety on ships. The Solasflex Retro Reflective tape is part of our SOLAS maritime safety tapes. The tapes are specifically designed to enhance
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Spray Stop tape to protect against spray-outs

Spray Stop tape

Spray Stop tape by T-ISS Spray Stop tape, or anti-splash tape,  by T-ISS  is one of our best-known products. And for a reason; it’s the best and most certified anti-splashing tape on the market. The high-tech laminated multilayer aluminum tape prevents dangerous spray-outs of hazardous liquids in tubing systems. As you can imagine, spray-outs in
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Rust Stop tape – how to use

Rust Stop tape

Rust Stop tape by T-ISS Rust Stop Petro tape by T-ISS is an anti-corrosion tape that can be applied to all types of steel. The tape provides excellent resistance to water, acids, alkalies, and salts. It is an appropriate long-term solution against corrosion. Even underwater, under the ground, and in harsh weather conditions, the tape
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