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Solastape Heat Stop Tape

What is Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape?

Heat Stop Tape protects surfaces and lowers temperatures in a highly effective way. Our Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape is a revolutionary new environmentally friendly tape. It is used for the insulation of hot piping systems onboard ships. For example; a 180 °C tube will decrease to a temperature of 60 °C when T-ISS HeatStop Tape is applied.

Our Heat Stop tape was specially invented to replace the ceramic fiber tape in the maritime sectors. Biosoluble Heat Stop Tape is made of a biosoluble fiber chemical composition, making it biodegradable. This is better for the environment. In advance, the tape contains about 15-18% binder materials for superior heat resistance. Therefore it also has a better performance. Our tape protects surfaces and lowers temperatures in a highly effective way.

Our innovative Heat Stop Tape is unique and is of a robust quality compared to common heat stop tapes.


How to use

The T-ISS Heat Stop Tape is very easy to handle. Before use, it is important to remove all dirt, oil, and excessive moisture from the surface. You need to wrap the tape around the pipe, using a 50% overleap. When you apply the tape, also make sure that the foil edges are well-fastened. You can secure the ends with an aluminum bonding adhesive that comes with the tape.

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