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The Downloads page supplies you with all the available downloads belonging to the products showcased on this website. Here you will find the product’s certificates and datasheets. At a single glance you will see how many certificates a specific product has, and which class soci√ęties supplied the certificates. Also, the product names will, when clicked, lead you to the detailed product page they belong to. To see the full product overview, please click this link.

If you are looking to download the T-ISS IMO Catalog, please click this link. You will be directed to a page where you can download the catalog, browse it online, or request a printed version which will be shipped to your location.


Product NameBVDNVAdditional CertificatesDatasheets
SOLAS Retro Reflective tapeWHEELMARK certificate logo
Spray Stop tape
Pipe Repair tape
Foam tape
Spray Control tape
Hatch cover tape
Drip Stop tape
Rust Stop tape
Cor Stop Zinc tape
Floor Marking tape
Safety Marking Tape Reflective tape
Anti-slip tape
Biosoluble Heat Stop tape
Barrier tape
Photoluminescent tape LLL

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