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Hatch Cover tape

Hatch Cover Tape

Hatch covers are used to cover and protect the cargo on vessels. They close off the hatch opening and make them watertight. But are they always watertight? Extreme weather conditions can cause leakage of your hatch covers. Unfortunately, this can lead to damage to the cargo being transported. That is why we provide our Hatch Cover tape.

Our tape from T-ISS will keep moisture out and ensure a tight seal that is weather-resistant. The product has extraordinary strength, great adhesion, and is very flexible. Also, the tape is easily recognizable by the blue top layer. This is important because it prevents accidents from happening. In addition, the top layer is made of Modified polyethylene. Modified polyethylene has more support than regular low-density polyethylene while retaining the same soft comfortable feel. Also, modified PE material gives the highest protection under extreme conditions.



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The best HaCo tape there is

Hatch Cover Blueliner Tape, HaCo tape in short, is tested under practical environments and extreme weather conditions. You can install the tape between 5 °C and 40 °C. It can withstand -15 to 70 °C. The rolls are 20 meters of self-adhesive SBS bitumen rubber compound. Also, the rolls are coated with a modified blue PE liner and with a release PE Liner.


Shelf life: 5 years properly stored
Thickness: 2 mm

Hatch Cover tape











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