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Security Seal Tape

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We offers various layouts of reliable Security Seal Tapes, also called warranty void labels. These are made of tamper evident destructible PET. When using this Security Seal Tape, you can quickly see if your goods have been tampered with. It shows the “OPEN VOID” hidden security message as soon as the warranty tape is removed from the surface of a carton box of other applications. These SecuSeal Tapes seal of and provide extra protection.

Our Security Seal Tape can be applied to a large range of surfaces including paper, card, metal, glass and many more. Void tapes are mainly used for forensic intelligence investigation, military, banking security, aviation security, medical packaging seals, electronic goods protection and other.


Technical data

Adhesion: Pressure sensitive
Minimum Shelf life: 2 years
Thickness: 25 Micron
Color: Various colour’s, layouts and sizes are possible according to the customers demands. Production of individual labels or on roll.
Also custom made labels possible.
Material: PET, Halogen free, NON-PVC


Benefits & Features

Security Seal Tapes help you to reveal tampering or unauthorized access. High value goods need to have a security/safety seal. This seal protects the luxury goods from theft and fraud during shipment and storage. Our Security Seal Tapes reveal the hidden security message when tampering has occurred. Even if someone tries to replace it, the void tape will show that an individual attempted to break into it.

Security Seal Tape (open void tape) provides the best solution when evidence is required of tampering. Our guarantee seal or guarantee tape provide a visible indication of attempt of removal. After removing, since most of adhesive remains on the surface (and little to none on the tape film), the tape film cannot be reused, which is an added security feature against unauthorized reuse of the tape.


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