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Slip Stop Anti Skid Tape

T-ISS SlipStop tape helps to protect slippery surfaces, to prevent accidents. Slip Stop offers safe working and walking by when applied on stairs and walkways, both indoor and outdoor. SlipStop is a mineral coated plastic film with a pressure sensitive adhesive, protected by a removable liner.

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Back carrier: PVC 0.1mm +/- 0.01mm
Thickness: 0.8mm +1- 0.2mm (860 grit)
Mineral particles: Aluminium Oxide
Holding medium: Solvent acrylic adhesive
Adhesion to steel: 1500g/25mrn
Holding power: 8 hours/20mm2/kg
Tensile strength: 6kgs/25mm
Elongation at break: 2596
Coefficiënt of friction: > 0.5
Application temp.: 5°C up to 50°C

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