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Spray Stop 50+ Anti-Splash Tape

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T-ISS Spray Stop Anti-Splashing Tape 50+ has a slight difference compared to the regular version. Standard Spray Stop Tape will hold pressure up to 15 bar. Spray Stop Anti-Splashing Tape 50+ extends this limit to 50 bar. This means the tape will be particularly suitable for tubing systems that transport liquids under high pressure. Of course this tape can be used under the same circumstances as our standard Spray Stop Anti-Splashing tape.


Technical data

Maximum pressure: 50 bar
Maximum temperature: +160 ºC continuously +200 ºC shortly
Adh. material tolerance: – 70 ºC up to 200 ºC
Adhesion: 1000 g / 25 mm
Shelf life: 3 years



• Bureau Veritas
• Lloyd’s Register
• CLassNK
• KR

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• Complies with the IMO A653 (16)

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Note; other widths available on request

Category: Safety tapes
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