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Spray Stop Anti-Splash Tape

Spray Stop Standard and Spray Stop 50+ anti-splash tape is used for applications in the marine & offshore industry. This high-tech laminated multilayer aluminium tape, has been designed by safety specialists in order to prevent spray outs of hazardous liquids (oil / fuel) from tubing systems. These liquids can cause extremely dangerous situations like fires, explosions or other dangerous situations. According to the SOLAS amendment chapter 2-2 regulation, ships are to apply appropriate protection system to prevent leakage and splashing of flammable oil from FO, LO hydraulic and other piping systems.

This product complies with the IMO A653 (6) regulations. Spray Stop standard can be used up to 15 bar pressure, Spray Stop 50+ up to 50 bar pressure.

Click here to oversee all Spray Stop certificates and datasheets. 50+:
TS001TS501 35 mm x 10 m0,10 kg28 rolls87.18.01
TS002TS502 50 mm x 10 m0,20 kg20 rolls87.18.02
TS008TS508 75 mm x 10 m0,25 kg13 rolls87.18.08
TS003TS503 100 mm x 10 m0,30 kg10 rolls87.18.04
TS004TS504 140 mm x 10 m0,40 kg7 rolls87.18.03
TS005TS505 250 mm x 10 m0,70 kg4 rolls87.18.07
TS006TS506 500 mm x 10 m1,80 kg2 rolls87.18.05
TS007TS5071000 mm x 10 m4,00 kg1 roll87.18.06

Technical data:
Max pressure: 15 bar (50 + 50 bar)
Max temperature: +160 ºC continuously,
+200 ºC shortly
Adhesive material tolerance: -70 ~ -200 above
Adhesion: 1000 grams above, 25 mm g/f
Shelf life: 3 years when properly stored

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