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Reflective zebra tape

Reflective Zebra tape

Looking for a tape to mark dangerous areas? T-ISS Safety Marking Tape Reflective is an engineering-grade reflective tape. The Safety Marking tape is also called Reflective Zebra tape, because of its stripes. Reflective Zebra tape provides safety by highlighting hazards.

For example, the tapes are even more reflective than white paint. When compared to a white wall, the tapes are even 200 (!) times more reflective. This gives you and your crew 24/7 protection in and on your vessel. The tapes come in white/red and black/yellow.

Combined with a red and white or black and yellow pattern, Reflective Zebra tape is an outstanding and notable product. It is an ideal product to prevent hazardous situations and accidents. We also have a photoluminescent version of this tape, the Safety Marking Tape Photoluminescent.


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How to use Reflective Zebra tape

You use the Reflective Zebra tape to mark hazardous situations on ships and buildings. Of course you can also use it for other situations where high reflectibility is needed. But our tapes can also be used on large objects. Basically anything you want to highlight, we got you covered. The tape is very easy to use and comes in white/red or black/yellow.


Our other reflective tapes



Our high-quality self-adhesive Marine Reflective Tape meets all requirements, such as impact resistance and UV protection. The tape is made of several layers of minuscule prisms which reflect the light perfectly. You can apply the tape to various materials such as steel, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. The Marine reflective tapes come in the colors red and yellow.



The Solasflex Retro Reflective tape reflects any light and amplifies it to provide enhanced night-time reflected visible brightness in dark areas. Especially poorly lit areas. The tapes are type II approved A658(16). In short, this means you can use them internally and externally. The reflective tapes are highly weather-resistant for continuous outdoor exposure. The color of our Retro reflective tape is silver and the tape comes in 4 dimensions.


If you have any questions about our SOLAS Martime safety tapes, please feel free to contact us.

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