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Rust Stop tape

Rust Stop tape by T-ISS

Rust Stop Petro tape by T-ISS is an anti-corrosion tape that can be applied to all types of steel. The tape provides excellent resistance to water, acids, alkalies, and salts. It is an appropriate long-term solution against corrosion. Even underwater, under the ground, and in harsh weather conditions, the tape retains its excellent properties. The tape will not peel, harden or crack. Rust Stop tape is easy to apply and requires a very short processing time.

T-ISS RustStop tape consists of three main items, the base being a specially designed bandage. During the production process this bandage is processed with two more items; a high-quality rust-resistant mixture between oil and grease. Combining all these SOLAS tapes items results in RustStop tape. Tubing systems or other structures that are sensitive to rust can simply be wrapped with RustStop tape. Due to the oil and grease mixture in the tape, the oxidation process won’t have a chance to start, which means the tubing or structure in question will be protected.


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When should I use RustStop tape?

Rust Stop tape can be used to protect exterior structures of steel against rust. The tape is ideal for underwater situations. They are also designed for harsh weather conditions. The tape is solvent-free and 1,2 mm thick. Available in two dimensions: 50 mm x 10m and 100 mm x 10 m.



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