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Foam tape

What is Foam tape?

Foam tape is an adhesive tape, ideal to permanently fix objects to a surface. It is one of the strongest and sturdiest adhesive tapes on the market. This tape holds up to 1.8 kg/25 mm!

Do you want to use our tape in harsh weather or outdoor conditions? Not a problem! Because of the great chemical and fuel resistance, our tape is weather-resistant.

Of course, our Foam Mounting Tapes by T-ISS can be used on all types of vessels too. Onboard ships, you can use the tape to install signage or fix products to a surface. Foam Mounting Tapes are made of closed-cell, polyethylene foam. The coating of the tape is made with a high tack/high shear acrylic adhesive.


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How to use

You can use our Foam tape to fix objects such as signs, mirrors, and nameplates permanently to a surface. The tape has a protective layer. This means you can fix the tape to any object and stick it on a surface later. All of our tapes are easy to use.



Here’s how to apply this tape:

  1. 1. Clean the surface and free it from dust and grease.
  2. 2. Use maximum pressure when applying.
  3. 3. Leave for a bonding period of 24 hours.


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