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SOLAS stands for the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea. This group is an international maritime agreement that sets safety standards in the construction and usage of the equipment used on ships. SOLAS requires flag states to make sure that ships flagged by their specific state comply with the SOLAS standards. Examples of these kinds of equipment are lifeboats, safety vests, radio equipment, fire-fighting equipment, and safety tapes.


About solastape.com


Solastape.com is the place where the ship supplier, shipowner, or lifesaving manufacturer can find the highest quality tapes required and approved by the Marine and Offshore industry. Therefore, you will find the right size, quality, and design of Retro-Reflective tapes, Pipemarking tapes, and Spray Stop tapes. These are brought to you by specialists with years of experience in the offshore and maritime industry with can help you with advice, service, and competitive pricing.


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Spray Stop Tape


Vessels, ship chandlers, and shipowners use Spray Stop Anti-Splashing for various applications in the marine and offshore industry. Our Safety Specialists designed this high-tech laminated multi-layered tape. As a result, the tape prevents spray-outs of hazardous liquids like oil, fuel, or other dangerous liquids from tubing systems. One of these liquids can cause an extremely dangerous situation like a fire, an explosion, or other leakages that can harm people as well as onboard equipment. According to the SOLAS amendment chapter 2-2 regulation, ships should apply an appropriate protection system to prevent dangerous situations.

Our Spray Stop Tape complies with the IMO A653(6) regulations. The standard tape applies on piping transporting liquids up to 15 bar, while the Spray Stop 50+ tape is able to handle pressure up to 50 bar. Furthermore, Spray Stop Tape is approved by DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, China Classification Society, ClassNK, ABS, and Korean Register.



Solas Retro-Reflective Tape


SOLAS Life Support items use Solas Retro-Reflective Tape to reflectorize equipment such as rafts, lifeboats, jackets, and vests. We designed our tape for the marine and offshore industries. This Retro-Reflective Tape is an encapsulated lens-type sheeting with a flexible and highly transparent plastic film. Because of this, it ensures long durability, high brightness, and anti-delamination. All products use an encapsulated lens optical design that generates high reflectivity, even over a wide range of entrance angles. Wet or dry, it doesn’t matter. As a result, the light output will always be the same. The tape itself has a silver color and reflects a bright white light.

Our Solas Retro-Reflective tape complies with the IMO A586(16) regulations. Also, the tape meets specifications set by the US Coast Guard and is approved by Wheelmark, Russian Register, and Korean Register. Above all, Solas Retro Reflective tape is a type-2 tape, which makes it suitable for in- and outdoor use. The tape is suitable for all applications and is made for continuous outdoor exposure.

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