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Hatch Cover Blueliner Tape

Extreme weather conditions can cause leakage of your hatch covers, which will lead to the damage of cargo being transported. T-ISS HaCo Blueliner tape keeps moisture out, and ensures a weather and fume tight hatch seal. HaCo Blueliner tape is design by specialists with 20 years of tape experience, to seal out the elements on hatch cover rims. HaCo Blueliner tape has an extraordinary strength, adhesion and is extremely flexible. It can be easily recognized by it’s blue top layer of modified PE material. A material which gives the highest protection under extreme conditions. Regulations regarding hatch covers have evolved since the investigation following the loss of the MV Derbyshire. The Association of Classification Societies increased this strength standard by creating its Unified Requirement § 21 in 1998.

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All HaCo Blueliner tape is tested under practical environment and extreme standards. HaCo Blueliner tape can be installed between -45 and 40 °C, and can withstand -15 to 70 °C. Rolls are 20 meter of self-adhesive SBS bitumen rubber compound, coated to a modified blue PE liner and with a release PE Liner. Shelf life is 24 months when properly stored.
Rolls / Box:
Box Weight:
HC2100100 mm x 20 m x 2 mm314 kilograms23.24.52
HC2150150 mm x 20 m x 2 mm214 kilograms23.24.53

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