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SOLAS Reflective Tape

T-ISS retro reflective tape is used for reflectorizing SOLAS life support equipment such as life vests, jackets, and rafts. T-ISS SolasFlex is an encapsulated lens type sheeting with a flexible and highly transparent plastic film. Our tape has been specially designed for the marine and offshore industry. It ensures long durabllity, high brightness and anti-delamination. All products are comprised of an encapsulated lens optical design that provides high reflectivity over a wide range of entrance angles, whether dry or wet. All products are silver in color under daytime viewing conditions and reflect a bright white.

Click here to oversee all SOLAS Reflective Tape certificates and datasheets.

It conforms to IMO Res. A658(16) and meets USCG specification 46 CFR Part 164. it is approved wheelmark, USCG, RR and KR. T-ISS SolasFlex is type 2 approved, this means in can be used indoor as well as outdoor and is suitable for all applications. SolasFlex is a Type 2 solasgrade tape for continious outdoor exposure.

Please note: Reflective tape with a type 1 approval can only be used on stored lifejackets and life rafts. This means the tape is not suitable for buoys, lifeboats and other life saving equipment which is exposed to the outdoor environment.

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