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Spray Control Sealing Tape

T-ISS Spray Control Tape is used to upgrade the safety in your pipeline systems. The protection tape makes surroundings a lot safer. Spray Control is made to prevent damages towards human, machinery and pipes by applying the tapes on flanges & valves at chemical plants. The pre-leak detection would help to save unnecessary expenditure for maintenance and repairing. Compared to Spray Shields & Flange Guards, the product can be directly used without any trial chore.


Technical data

Max. temperature resistance: -30 °C up to 75 °C
Pressure resistance: Up to 35 bar
Material: Multilayer reinforced high grade vinyl
Thickness: 1 mm

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Art. number
SPCT0050Spray Control Tape50 mm x 10 m0,3 kg
SPCT0100Spray Control Tape100 mm x 10 m0,5 kg
SPCT0150Spray Control Tape150 mm x 10 m0,8 kg
SPCT0300Spray Control Tape300 mm x 10 m1,5 kg

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