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Posted by admin on July 4, 2018 in solastape.com

T-ISS – Solastape.com is known for its quality tapes for almost 15 years. The tapes are manufactured by our partner T-ISS. They are specialized in tapes for the marine and offshore industry. We develop Hightech tapes for many different applications. The solastapes are made using the best quality materials and are designed to be used in a harsh marine environment.

Where applicable, our tapes have all the required certificates from the major classification societies. This includes USCG, DNV GL, Russian Register, and many more. Also, the T-ISS tapes will be in compliance with all IMO and SOLAS regulations. They carry the Wheelmark emblem where applicable. All tapes are available through our worldwide network of distributors and agents.


About Solastape.com and T-ISS

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