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Posted by admin on July 4, 2018 in Reflective Tape

TISS Solasflex Retro Reflective tape

Quality Reflective tapes

We encounter it several times a year; Reflective Tapes that do not retain their quality. We often see faded, cracked tapes or tapes that lose their adhesion within a couple of years. At first, quality products seem to be a little bit more expensive. However, in the end, you will save your money. You don’t have to buy low-quality products twice, you don’t have to re-install them.

This picture shows the T-ISS and solastape.com Retro Reflective SOLAS tape which has been installed more than 7(!) years ago. As you can see, it looks brand-new. While the competitive products have to be replaced, our tapes go on. Imagine what you could have saved!

TISS Solastape.com Quality Reflective tapes







T-ISS SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape is used for the reflection of SOLAS life saving appliances such as life jackets, life rafts or life boats. Our SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape is an encapsulated lens sheet provided with a flexible and fully transparent plastic foil. The tape is specially designed for the marine / offshore industry, has a long life span, high clarity and antielamination. All our reflective tapes consist of an encapsulated optical design with a high reflective value that is clearly visible from every angle, both in dry and wet conditions.

Our SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape is type II approved according IMO A658(16), this means it can be used indoor as well as outdoor and is suitable for all applications, extreme weather conditions and continuous outdoor exposure.

By applying SolasFlex Retro Reflective Tape the life saving appliances will be highly visible, when for example helicopter lights are used to search for these objects. The tape is available as self-adhesive and stitchable.


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