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PolyesPro – highest quality pipe marking

PolyesPro ® is the highest quality pipe marking product available on the market. They produce pipe marking using the 3M MCS or Matched Component System. The tapes are made of a polyester base material. The image is printed on this base. The tapes are finished with a protective polyester laminate.

The base material has a halogen-free adhesive backing that makes it suitable for applying to stainless steel piping as well. The protective properties of the polyester laminate, such as resistance to UV and numerous chemicals, guarantee a long service life. PolyesPro® pipe markings do not contain PVC.


Why quality really matters

There are many cheap pipe marking stickers available on the market. But even though these stickers may look okay at first glance, they don’t have high quality. But why is that a bad thing?

Low-quality pipe marking often discolors. Weather influences, for instance, can cause discoloration. Also, exposure to substances such as chemicals and solvents, specialist cleaning (high-pressure jets, cleaning agents), and the temperature of the pipes can damage the markings. Another common ‘quality issue’ with pipe marking materials is poor adhesion, corrosion under the sticker, and visual errors in the design.

A few examples of bad quality pipe marking:

PolyesPro pipe marking - bad example PolyesPro pipe marking - bad example PolyesPro pipe marking - bad example






In order to identify the contents of piping systems and storage tanks, pipe markings are very important. Tank and pipe markings prevent miscommunications during maintenance. In addition, they contribute to the overall safety of your organization. Because these markings are so crucial, ISO 20560 has been developed. This ISO standard was created by a group of specialists, including our own director Willem Heijboer.


Want to know more about PolyesPro? Please visit the website for more information or check our own product page.

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